Skype Guitar Lessons

1. How does it work?

You and I will see and hear each other through your computer LIVE like never before! Using the latest technology available you will receive  high- quality LIVE video instruction trough Skype videoconferencing system.


 2. Why is this better than regular private lessons?

Actually, Webcam Guitar Lessons are just like regular private lessons, you can see and hear in real time. The advantages are:

  •  No need to drive to a music store or teacher's studio - saves gas, saves time!
  •  Take a lesson from anywhere in the world, even while traveling.
  •  More affordable than having a guitar teacher come to your home for a private lesson
  •  Flexibility of scheduling lessons convenient to you,  not when the music school is open.


3. How much does a lesson cost?

30 minute lesson  for $20 USD,

45 minute lesson  for $30 USD.

1 hour lesson for $40 USD

There are reduced-pricing packages available for reserving lessons in blocks.


4. Do I need any special hardware or equipment?

You will need:

  • A computer (Mac or PC)
  • High speed internet connection - 400 kpbs or higher recommended
  • A webcam, either built in or connect via USB
  • Video chat software such as Skype (Free download)
  • Your guitar


5. How can I schedule a lesson?

Click on the view schedule button to find a day and time that works for you.  The scheduling software will take you through a quick secure procces to register for lessons.


6. How do I pay for the lesson?

Payment is made securley through our Paypal store. Payments must be made at the time you schedule your lesson


7. Are the lessons recorded so i can review them later?

I don't record the lessons for you.  The files that are created from recorded video chat sessions are way too large to transfer digitally.  There are many webcam video recorders that are inexpensive or free.


8. What if I need to reschedule a lesson?

I try to be very flexible and allow lessons to be rescheduled. I ask that you provide at least 24 hours notice for any rescheduled lesson.

Please also refer to the lesson policy for further details or you can contact me.


9. What if I need to cancel a lesson?

If you need to cancel a lesson, you must provide at least 24 hours notice. If payment was made for the lesson, you will be given a full refund or credit towards a rescheduled lesson.


10. What if I want to stop taking lessons altogether?

There is no commitment. You can cancel at anytime. Packages of lessons that are not completed will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.


11. What if the instructor can't make a lesson, will he reschedule or give me a refund?

If for some reason I am unable to make a scheduled lesson, I will notify you at least 24 hours prior to reschedule a new lesson time. We can reschedule the lesson, or you can request a full refund.


12. What if my lesson is interrupted due to technical difficulties?

 If a lesson is interrupted due to technical difficulties (power outages, loss of internet connection, video chat software problems, etc.), I will contact you via phone to reschedule. You will have my phone number and email as well.

 If you don't see your Question answered here.  Click here to send us a note.

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