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My name is Alex Rivers , I am a professional performing artist and music teacher who has been teaching guitar both privately and in classroom settings for over ten years.  I recently joined the faculty at the Brooklyn Music School.  My passion for music began at an early age when I started playing the trumpet in the grade school orchestra.  Soon after, I picked up the guitar and have been playing feverishly ever since.

I earned my first degree in psychology at North Carolina A&T University.  After spending a few years post college playing and teaching music in North Carolina, I decided to formalize my music education. So I moved to Boston, MA and attended Berklee College of Music, one of the top music schools in the country.  In 2003 after finishing at Berklee, I relocated to New York City to pursue a career as a sideman for performing artists.  I am proud to have played and recorded with numerous acts in the New York area including Naomi Greenwald, Jon Neufeld,  Mansingh, Chew the Cud  Ruka Skye 
and Robert Harary. Currently I am performing and recording with my band The Dumbo Project.

Since moving to NYC, I have remained dedicated to teaching music.  Aside from teaching privately and at the Brooklyn Music School, I've also brought music education workshops into underserved areas such as juvenile detention centers.  I am dedicated to providing a well-rounded musical experience for each student, and look forward to sharing my love and passion for the instrument with you.

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